About Dava

Vintage Diva Antiques

Hello! My name is Dava. Welcome to my "About Me" section. While growing up in Western Washington, my parents would drag my siblings to garage sales, auctions, and swap meets every weekend looking for furniture that they could refinish or other items that we could sell in our antique store. My parents were school teachers, so the main inventory time for us was the summertime. We had a store called "Fond Memories". My grandparents also had a store called "Pandora's Box". They were retired school teachers, so they had more time to devote to shopping for inventory, than we did. To be honest, I didn't like antiques growing up. We had a house full of clocks that never chimed at the same time, and of course they chimed every 15 minutes. I would love to have those days back now...

Needless to say, my father ended up passing away young and never got to enjoy his retirement and everything he worked so hard for. I started antique shopping to add to my collection of things that I received from the estate, in his memory, as it reminded me of my childhood.  As time went on, the kids grew up and moved out and it just called to me, that I needed my own store. 

My own store is here! I couldn't be more pleased. 

RIP dad. This is my tribute to you.